About UDS

UDS is a global engineering products and services partner specializing in downhole projects with challenging ground conditions

With an experienced in-house research and development team, UDS manufactures high-quality, durable and cost-efficient technical solutions tailor-made to your unique downhole requirements.

UDS is dedicated to its partners and offers ongoing support and part repairs for all its products and solutions, continuously maximizing and improving operator performance.

The company is the global provider of choice for major oil, gas, drilling, tunneling, and mining companies undertaking technically complex underground operations.

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You can call us via:
Within Australia:
03 8786 3278

+61 3 8786 3278

“At UDS, we concentrate on our clients’ needs and satisfaction. We specialize in complex underground projects requiring highly technical solutions. Our company is built on long-term partnerships, and we focus on cost-effectively delivering results that maximize operator efficiency.”

Manuel Zuleta

Managing Director – UDS
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