Fluid storage tanks (Buffer Tanks).

Drilling Tools

Drilling Bits
We supply premium quality Tri Cone Bits as to meet the toughest drilling challenges & handle our client’s operational requirements.

Our premium designed and manufactured bits have outstanding performance in any application.

Our Bits:
  • Steel Tooth ( Milled tooth )
  • Tungsten carbide insert ( TCI )
  • Fixed Cutter Bits
Reamers, Hole Openers & Stabilizers
We design and manufacture Purpose-specific tools to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations in the toughest ground conditions.

Our Hole Openers are designed for Todays drilling Needs. We work closely with our clients to assure their operation have the best tools.

These are manufactured specificity for each project requirements.
  • Steel Tooth (Milled Tooth)
  • Tungsten carbide insert (TCI)