Bombas, válvulas y accesorios

Pumps, Valves & Accessories

Centrifugal pumps and Vertical pumps
Available to meet your specific needs. Overhead Belt Driven, Vertical, Diesel Driven, Hydraulic or Closed Coupled.

Gate Valves
Demco & Oteco Style 5K Mud Gate Valves in 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” sizes. They are completely interchangeable, built with unsurpassed quality.

Shear Relief Valves
Demco & Oteco Style Shear Relief Valves in 2” and 3” sizes

Reset Relief Valves
Reset Relief Valves are interchangeable with Cameron, Retsco & NOV-style valves.

Float Valves
From stand to high temperature applications.

Butterfly Valves
All sizes and models.

Plug Valves
Flanged or union end connections