Mud Pumps, Parts & Equipment

Mud Pumps, Parts & Equipment

UDS International designs and manufactures heavy-duty centrifugal mud pump parts and equipment with innovative designs for optimum output and reliability.

Mud pumps are an important part of your drilling, tunneling and/or mining dynamics, helping to maintain drilling mud circulation through your drilling rig column, which improves the efficiency of drilling operations and reduces wear on your equipment.

UDS effective mud pump parts and equipment have the durability to meet the demands of high pressures, a range of ground conditions and are easy to maintain.

Centrifugal mud pump parts are also cheaper to replace than other mud pump types.

Using its experienced in-house technical team, UDS can manufacture all parts and equipment to suit your needs. UDS keeps a range of parts and equipment in stock, ensuring fast delivery if required.

UDS also offers ongoing technical support for all its products and solutions, and an upgrade service for increased fluid processing capability on its systems.

UDS’ mud pump suite includes:
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Shafts
  • Housing
  • Impellers
  • Wear-plates
  • Mud Pump Liners and Pistons
  • Live In-Line Mud Monitoring Systems.

Mud Pump Liners and Pistons

UDS International’s high-quality mud pump products include Pistons, Liners and Valve Assemblies. All products are engineered to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature drilling operations across oil and gas, waterwell, HDD, tunneling and mining applications.

UDS offers custom design and production of Mud Pump Liners and Pistons to fit most mud pump models and brands. All products are backed by UDS’ years of experience and come with ongoing technical support.

UDS also keeps a range of mud pump liners and pistons in stock, ensuring the fast delivery of a solution that meets your needs.

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