Spoke Reamers/Fly Cutters

Spoke Reamers/Fly Cutters

Suitable for: most ground conditions, using interchangeable teeth and nozzle sizes

Sizes available: 12” to 66” diameters

UDS International’s Spoke Reamer (also known as Fly Cutter) nozzles are made to maximize the use of fluid hydraulics to help reaming through harder formations while lowering the torque on your drilling rig.

The tools are designed and engineered for maximum performance and reliability.

Spoke Reamers are CNC-machined out of solid alloy-hardened steel to ensure superior strength and longevity.

The UDS cutter design allows secure and consistent operation during forward reaming and pull reaming, while the tools’ concentric arm pattern enables excellent flow and stability during operation.

The cutter design includes replaceable teeth and interchangeable nozzle sizes so that inserts can be changed based on the requirements for different ground formations.

Each tool can be made to suit your drilling and mining project requirements. UDS keeps a range of cutter components in stock, adding these to the tailor-made body of the Spoke Reamer, ensuring the fast delivery of a solution that meets your needs.

Spoke Reamer key features
– CNC-machined from solid alloy-hardened steel
– Maximizes fluid hydraulics to help reaming hard formation
– Concentric arm pattern enables excellent flow
– Cutter replaceable teeth and nozzle Inserts can be changed
   based on requirements
– Suitable for oil and gas, waterwell and HDD drilling, and
   mining exploration and production applications
– Tailor made for any project requirements.

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