Barrel Reamer

Suitable for: rugged conditions, hard shale, soft rock, cobble

Sizes available: 10” to 62” diameters

UDS International’s Barrel Reamers are designed around a thick, heavy-duty body and internal support structure.

The tools are made from alloy-hardened steel with a fluted design to reduce reaming resistance. This allows fluid to circulate the hole and the tool, which reduces pressure and improves cutting removal. It also helps to keep a stable formation in soft ground, and increases penetration rates in compact, hard conditions.

The barrel has been designed as a versatile tool to enable cleaning the hole after the completion of reaming, product pipe pulling, or as a stabilizer by removing the outer profile cutting teeth.

UDS Barrel Reamers are available with pick inserts or shark teeth.

Each tool can be made to suit your project drilling and mining requirements. UDS keeps a range of components in stock, adding these to the tailor-made body of the Barrel Reamer, ensuring the fast delivery of a solution that meets your needs.

Barrel Reamer key features
– Thick, heavy-duty body made from alloy-hardened steel
– Fluted design reduces reaming resistance and improves
   cutting removal
– Available with pick inserts or shark teeth
– Suitable for oil and gas, waterwell and HDD drilling, and
   mining exploration and production applications
– Tailor made for any project requirements.

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