Desilter Cones and Manifolds

Desilter Cones and Manifolds

Suitable for: removing 16-30 microns

Sizes available: 3”, 4” and 5” diameters

Desliters Hydroclones (cones) play an important role in removing unwanted solids from your mud system. Located on the mud system downstream from desander cones, Desilter Cones catch the smaller diameter drill solids not removed by the desander cones.

UDS International manufactures casted urethane desilter cones with ceramic lining, which increases the reliability and service life of the product.

The Desilter Cones are also available as a universal model with interchangeable manifold connection points.

The unique design allowing interchangeable parts makes the product an easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solution for drilling and tunneling operations as parts can be replaced based on the wear area.

Manifolds are made from steel pipe. All connections are CNC machined from precision-laser cut steel and painted with 240 micron abrasive protection paint.

Desilter Manifold key features
– Ceramic plated for increased reliability
– Unique design allows for interchangeable parts
– Easy to maintain
– Suitable for oil and gas, waterwell and HDD drilling, and
   mining exploration and production applications
– Cost-effective.

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