Mud Mixing Tanks

UDS International offers the most efficient, effective and easy-to-move mud mixing solutions.

UDS manufactures quality mixing tanks using an innovative rounded corner design for more effective mixing while reducing build-up and cleaning requirements for tanks.

Mixing tanks are available in two models:
– 22,000 litre capacity
– 42,000 litre capacity.

With corner locking pins, mixing tanks are easy to transport on the back of a truck or ship.

The mixing tank is made with two pumps – one mixing pump, and one transfer pump. The pumps process the tank at 4,500 litres per minute (1,200 gallons per minute), with optional agitators and jetting tubes available to improve mixing capabilities.

The high-performance pumps have an improved design with high-speed venturi and shearing mixing impellers, and are easy to maintain.

A pump mobile screen monitoring system with digital and analog display monitors the density, PH, temperature, salinity and viscosity of mud while being mixed.

Buffer and active tanks within the system are designed to allow for maximum space efficiency. The buffer tank acts as a reserve tank on the side of the system that pre-hydrates the mud, and agitators keep the fluid in motion. The mud is then pumped to the active tank where it is held while being circulated for drilling.

Buffer and active tanks can be set up with pumps and agitators specific to your projects needs.

All UDS mud mixing systems conform to ISO shipping container standards.

UDS offers several accessories for mud mixing and storage tanks, including mud guns with interchangeable plastic nozzles and geared agitators.

Mud Mixing System key features
– Innovative curved bottom/corner mixing tank design prevents
   mud build-up
– Mixing tanks available in standardized sizing
– Corner locking pins enable easy tank transport by truck or ship
– Improved pump design for ease of maintenance
– Mobile screen monitoring with density, PH, temp, salinity and
– Buffer and active tanks allow maximum space efficiency
– Manufactured with precision
– Suitable for oil and gas, waterwell and HDD drilling, and
   mining exploration and production applications
– All Mud Mixing Systems comply with ISO shipping container

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