PDC Drill Bits

PDC Drill Bits

Suitable for: shale, rock, fractured rock formations, sandstone

Sizes available: 8 ¾ ” and 12 ¼ ” diameters 

UDS Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Drill Bit cutters are designed with the most advanced technology in the industry to provide a longer lifespan and increased drilling speeds.

The PDC cutters use high-performance diamond grades that have been fine-tuned to maintain steerability, stability and durability while improving the rate of penetration over longer intervals.

The increased abrasion resistance and durability of the PDC cutters leads to a cost-effective and durable solution.

The UDS drill bits provide improved performance for different formation types and layers compared to competitors.

All UDS PDC Drill Bit cutters are made to relevant API standard specifications.

PDC Drill Bit key features
– Advanced design provides longer lifespan and increased drilling speeds
– PDC diamond grades maintain stability while improving penetration
   rates over long intervals
– Increased abrasion resistance
– Tailor made to suit specific project requirements
– Suitable for oil and gas, waterwell and HDD drilling, and mining
   exploration and production applications
– Made to relevant API standards.

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