Your full-service global drilling, tunneling and mining services provider

UDS International delivers modern technologies and detailed engineering services and support for a range of underground operations, including oil and gas, drilling, tunneling, and mining.

The company is a global services provider of choice because of its focus on long-lasting partnerships that deliver end-to-end engineering services – from needs assessments to decommissioning services.

This full-service approach allows UDS to develop products and services that meet its partners’ specific needs while producing cost-effective solutions and maximizing operator efficiency for even the most complex projects.

Backed by over 22 years of experience, UDS’ in-house team of researchers, engineers and product developers can provide solutions for projects in the most challenging working environments, while always observing the highest quality and international safety standards.

A philosophy of innovation

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it. If you cannot control it, you cannot manage it. If you cannot manage it, you cannot improve it.” – Dr H. James Harrington, Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

UDS believes that improvements in industrial applications are made when processes are measured, controlled, managed, analysed, and acted upon.

This key driver sits behind all UDS’ products and services. The company’s Research and Development team continuously analyses large datasets to identify trends or anomalies that lead to more durable equipment and tools, and more efficient project completion.

UDS also fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing with other technical R&D companies to bring innovative solutions to its services.

UDS’ full suite of services includes:

  • Full-service project support: from the design phase through to manufacturing/construction, to pre-commissioning for drilling, tunneling, HDD, and offshore oil and gas projects, plus automation technology, monitoring or electrical and instrumentation needs for onshore and offshore projects
  • Project feasibility studies: pre-engineering and finite element studies of hydrofracturing, stress analysis, fabrication support, temporary structures, and offshore marine temporary construction
  • Parts design and modeling: design drawings, and 2D/3D modeling for tailor-made components, parts and equipment for projects with unique needs
  • Detailed design and engineering: quality engineering using the latest software in geology, piping, satellite imagery, land and sea topography, in-house modeling, and analysis
  • Control and instrumentation: the provision of quality instrumentation to measure and control operations, keeping systems and processes within their design parameters and at maximum efficiency
  • Automation and customized equipment: the provision of holistic automation systems that drive efficiency and offer operators more time to focus on production, including systems custom-built to clients’ unique applications
  • Specialized cementing design and program: for casing allocations, cavity fillings or custom projects – available for offshore and projects within water-saturated formations
  • Specialized fluid engineering analysis and programs: in-house laboratory analysis for chemistry, rheology, density, filtrates, particular evaluation, and aging. Mobile laboratories based on 20ft custom-design shipping modules can be shipped globally for onsite operations
  • Solids/waste management programs: specifically designed for offshore and onshore operations in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Project operations management, coordination, and supervision or inspection: preventative system maintenance to aid the longevity of clients’ products, and reduce interruptions to operations.

A global operation

UDS has offices and support staff based around the world, allowing the company to design, manufacture and deliver specialty equipment components quickly and cost-effectively. UDS has the capability to manufacture tools and equipment in its facilities or near project site locations as required.

UDS engineers and manufacturing coordinators can also be deployed worldwide based on client and project requirements.

UDS believes that strong, collaborative relationships will build a strong, prosperous underground sector.

Because of this, UDS has forged many strong relationships with many companies in the oil and gas, drilling, tunneling and mining industries – including international and multinational partnerships.

Industries serviced

  • Drilling (oil and gas, waterwell and HDD)
  • Tunneling (TBMs, microtunneling and pipejacking)
  • Mining (exploration and processing)
  • Renewable energy (geothermal, hydroelectrical, solar PV)
  • Fluid processing control
  • Tooling
  • Excavation.
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